WHAT DOES DAPTC DO? - The Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils provides advice, support, training and assistance to its member councils, many of whom employ only one official, the Clerk. Apart from the Town Councils this is usually on a part-time basis. The advice and support offered by DAPTC is backed-up by the Association's links with the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) to which it is affiliated.


SPECIALIST ADVICE - DAPTC is able to advise member councils on a wide range of
issues pertinent to their work and role including:

  • Legal Advice - Legal queries, relating to the work of parish and town councils, are referred if necessary to the qualified legal specialists at NALC.
  • Procedural Advice - Advice on procedural matters for member councils is normally answered in-house although more complex or unusual queries may be referred to NALC.
  • Financial and Insurance Advice -Depending on their complexity, such queries are either handled in-house or referred to NALC.


  • Newsletter - DAPTC regularly emails an e-newsletter to clerks. The newsletter provides up to date information and changes to local government legislation.
  • Circulars - DAPTC acts as a filter for the huge amount of consultative, legal and administrative information, mainly received from the Government via NALC. It then issues its own information to the Clerks of member councils.
  • Publications - DAPTC holds a stock of specialist publications which are available for members to purchase; these publications are also available to non-members at a premium.


  • Other Tiers of Local Government in Dorset - DAPTC has close and friendly ties with Dorset County Council and with all the District and Borough Councils in Dorset. A Charter which formally recognises the need for partnership working between all three tiers of local government in Dorset was signed in 1996.

  • Voluntary and Other Local Organisations - DAPTC maintains links with appropriate voluntary organisations in Dorset and links with Dorset Community Action which facilities local community involvement in rural Dorset, together with providing support for voluntary organisations in the county.


DAPTC offers training in line with the National Training Strategy

  • Training courses and other sessions are organised regularly for both Clerks and Councillors of parish and town councils. The training courses cover a wide range of subjects providing essential training to those new to local council work and refresher training for the more experienced.
  • Seminars - Seminars provide updates on new legislation, Government initiatives and subjects of general interest to all Clerks, Councillors and Chairmen.


  • At the National Level Lobbying at the national level is usually carried out in co-ordination with our National Association but, for example, following a resolution at the DAPTC AGM, DAPTC may lobby Government Ministries direct. DAPTC notify our members when we receive consultation opportunities via NALC.
  • Local Lobbying DAPTC liaises with principal authorities on behalf of its members. The association encourages two way communication between its members and all public services.