• Area Meetings - Each member council may send two representatives to their Area Meeting. To encourage participation and to ensure an effective two way information flow, DAPTC divides the county into five areas; each of which holds quarterly meetings.  Area Secretary details can be found here
  • Towns and Larger Councils Committee -DAPTC also has a Towns and Larger Councils Committee which is open to all member town councils and other member councils with more than 5,000 electors. This committee normally meets four times per year.
  • Dates/Agendas/Minutes of Meetings.

THE ORGANISATION -The staff at Colliton Annexe run DAPTC on a day to day basis. Policy and guidance is formulated through the DAPTC Annual General Meeting and the Executive Committee. The Constitution of the Association is available here

  • Annual General Meeting - The DAPTC AGM is usually held in the Autumn, each member council may send two members to the AGM, one of whom may vote. The AGM elects the DAPTC President,  Vice Presidents and the County Representative to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC).  The minutes of the last AGM are available here
  • Executive Committee -The DAPTC Executive Committee, which comprises representatives from the five Areas and the Towns and Larger Councils committees, meets every three months. The Executive Committee elects the Association Chairman. 
  • The current members of the Executive Committee are listed here.

THE OFFICE - DAPTC has three part time members of staff: The Chief Executive is Hilary Trevorah, Customer Relationship manager is Debbie Hollings, and in the role of Training Coordinator and PA to the Chief Executive is Lisa Cooper.

The office is located in the Colliton Annexe within the County Hall complex in Dorchester. It is normally manned from 9AM to 2PM Monday to Friday. Answerphone outside these hours.
The building in which DAPTC is based is no longer open to the public, therefore please contact us during our opening hours to arrange a mutually convenient time if you wish to visit the office for business.