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Essential Finance Training Cash Book 
Clerk's Timesheet 
Annual Programme of Work for Parish Council
Clerks Seminar
18 Sep 2012
Code of Conduct - Jane Moore NALC
Proposed Changes to Finance Regulations
Localism Update Event 
1st March 2012
NALC - Meera Tharmarajah 
Neighbourhood Planning - Jo Witherden WDDC
Culture and Creativity in Neighbourhood Planning - Ginkgo
The Future of Ethical Standards - Stuart Caundle NDDC
Questions and Answers
Summary of elements of the Localism Act
5 Nov 2011
Cllr Michael Chater, Chairman NALC - Localism in Action
Dr David Evans, WDDC, Localism Planning
Clerk's Seminar
28 Sep 2011
DCC - Social Media
DCC Highways
Standards Update - Keith Mallett
23 Jun 2011
HMRC Presentation  
Big Society
10 March 2011
The view from NALC - Neil Evans 
The context  - John Parker DAPTC
The county view - Sam Fox-Adams
A District Perspective - Judith Plumley EDDC / Christchurch 
DCA - Georgina Morgan
West Dorset Partnership - Hilary Jordan
Output from Breakout session