Local Council Award Scheme

The Local Council Award Scheme replaces the Quality Council scheme.

Please click here for details of the criteria which needs to be fulfilled for councils to gain the Award Scheme Standards of Foundation, Quality and Quality Gold.

Local Council Award Scheme

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Local Council Clerks.

All clerks whose councils wish to participate in the Local Council Award Scheme are required to demonstrate that they have achieved at least 12 CPD points in the 12 months immediately preceding the council’s application for an award. CPD activities therefore carry a specified number of points. Certificates with the relevant CPD points are awarded to all clerks attending DAPTC courses, conferences and seminars. One day of training covering five hours of content equates to two point five CPD points for a Clerk.

Every two hours of training carries one CPD point.

Details of how to receive additional CPD points is available here.