Breakthrough Communications partnered with DAPTC early in the first 'lockdown' of 2020 and specialise in helping councils engage effectively with their communities. We have now as of March 2021 deepened our relationship further.

In recent years we have seen legislation like GDPR have a significant impact on parish and town council operations. Managing and storing data has significant implications and that’s why we were pleased to partner with Breakthrough Communications to provide access at discounted rates to their ‘Compliant Councils Hub’. Equally Freedom of Information requests can absorb time and effort from officers. If you are a member of DAPTC you can now access masterclass events on both these topics, make use of this valuable resource.

In ‘Council Connect’ you will also find a number of resources that are invaluable for an increasingly technology driven parish and town council sector. We have all seen in the last year the value of virtual meeting platforms, combine this with integrated websites and social media profiles and your community can benefit from deeper levels of engagement and understanding. Take advantage of the permanently discounted rates as a DAPTC member. You can read more on Breakthrough Communication's dedicated DAPTC Member Page.


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Access to Discounted Services from Breakthrough Communications

Available to all DAPTC members in Dorset.