Councillors' Networking Event | 9 March 2023 - Kingston Maurward

DAPTC would like to thank the following for their contributions:

Leader of Dorset Council, Cllr. Spencer Flower and fellow cabinet members Cllr. Laura Beddow and Cllr. Ray Bryan.

Guest Speakers: Tony Blake from Shared Intelligence and Sarah Mason from Cornwall Association of Local Councils.

The Chief Medical Officer for Dorset, Dr. Paul Johnson

Connor Pearson and Antony Littlechild from Dorset Council for their presentation on Climate and Sustainability

The Dorset Council Place Teams for their enthusiasm and commitment to the event and all the parish/town colleagues that joined the meet and greet. 

Finally to Debbie and Lisa in our team, Lisa Pearce and Claire Edwards at Dorset Council. Last but not least President John Parker and Vice President, Tony Gibb.

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Feedback from the Clerks' Meet and Greet with Dorset Council 

Feedback from Councillors of Parish and Town Councils



Watch the Highlights Package!

Connor Pearson and Antony Littlechild presented an update on Dorset Council climate activities and plans. At the conclusion of their session they had some questions they would like to ask delegates to respond to.

Here is the link that shows how delegates responded:


Survey Responses on Climate 

Two Events Simultaneously!


Thank you to all those attending the event on 9 March at Kingston Maurward. We had a meet and greet with Dorset Council Place Teams and the main event running alongside each other.

Our NALC guests for the day were Chair, Cllr. Keith Stevens and Heads of Communications and Policy, Justin Griggs. Kicking off proceedings for the day was Cllr. Spencer Flower, Leader of Dorset Council.

Tony Blake from Shared Intelligence talk at headline through his report on a framework for parish and town councils, whilst Sarah Mason from Cornwall ALC shared her members' journey into a unitary structure after 13 years. Part of her presentation focused upon the Planning Partnership established to transform the working relationship between the planning team and member councils of Cornwall ALC.

All of the event slides are below for those attending to access and review - if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

We will share feedback from the event and publish any additional questions received after the day. 


Event Programme

9:30am - Coffee / Tea ahead of the event commencing
9.50am - Take your seats in the main room 
10:00am - Introduction and welcome by President - John Parker
10:05am to 11:20am -  Working Together (Presentations from guest speakers)

Slides: Cllr. Spencer Flower - Leader of Dorset Council

Slides: Tony Blake - Programme Director of Shared Intelligence

Frome Town Council Report referred to by Tony 

Slides: Sarah Mason - CEO Cornwall Association of Local Councils 

11:20am to 11:35am Comfort Break 
11:35am to 12:30pm - Reflections on the presentations and Q&A panel 

Attending the event will be Cllr. Spencer Flower (Leader of Dorset Council),  Cllr. Laura Beddow (Cabinet member for Communities & Culture and Customer Service) Tony Blake (Shared Intelligence), Sarah Mason (Cornwall Association of Local Councils).

Also attending and helping with roundtable discussions and responding to your questions on the panel will be Cllr. Keith Stevens (Chair of NALC) and Justin Griggs (head of Policy and Communications for NALC)

12:25pm to 1:30pm - Networking Lunch and Meet Dorset Council Place Based Teams

The teams that will be on hand during the morning and over lunch are the following: Community Safety, Waste, Trading Standards, Coast & Green Spaces (Floods), Leisure Services. Put faces to names, team members will be on hand to provide information and take questions.

1:30pm - DAPTC Star Awards presented by Cllr. Keith Stevens Chair of NALC 
1:40pm to 2:10pm - Dr. Paul Johnson - Chief Medical Officer NHS Dorset

Slides: Dr. Paul Johnson - Chief Medical Officer, NHS Dorset

2:10pm to 3:00pm - Natural Environment, Climate and Ecology 

The presentation will be made by Connor Pearson, supported by Antony Littlechild. We hope to have Cllr. Ray Bryan and Steve Ford support the Q&A session.

Presented by: Connor Pearson, National Management Trainee Dorset Council

Due the file size we have broken the slides down into key sections for our website.

Slides for the Climate and Ecology closing session:

1. Introduction and timeline

2. Dorset Council Activities - Heat and Energy Efficiency

3. Dorset Council Activities - Transport

4. Dorset Council Activities - Waste Materials and Food

5. Dorset Council Activities - Nature

6. Dorset Council Activities - Resilience

7. Town and Parish Councils

8. Roundtable Thoughts

9. Next steps


3:00/3:15pm Conference Close 

Barry Von Clemens receiving Gillingham Town Council's 3 Star Award for commitment to ongoing training and development over the last year. This is now becoming a regular achievement at Gillingham! 



Shaftesbury Town Council collect a certificate too.

See you next time!