Executive Committee Papers

Annual Executive Committee Meeting | 10am to 12.15pm 7 July 2023

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Details will be loaded ahead of the meeting.

2022 NALC AGM: 

This year's AGM will be held online on 25 October 2022 at 11am and attended by three representatives from DAPTC. Below are the papers and agenda for the AGM and our NALC Representative Report.

AGM Agenda

Papers - Elections to NALC Positions & Committees

NALC Annual Report - awaiting report

Housekeeping Rules - AGM 

Attendees for the meeting are : Janet Wallace, Jill Crouch and Neil Wedge.

SW Association of Local Councils

Update from informal meeting of the association representatives:

SWALC AGM - Thursday 13th October 2022 - AGENDA     MINUTES

NALC National Assembly - 12th July 2022

NALC Agenda and Supporting Papers | National Assembly Minutes

NALC National Assembly Report | Civility and Respect Project Slides

NALC National Assembly - 5th April 2022

National Assembly Agenda | National Assembly Minutes | Letter from Smaller Councils Committee Chair

Attended by Cllr. Janet Wallace (DAPTC NALC Representative)

NALC Smaller Councils Committee 

Report Summarising Smaller Councils Committee Survey 

Representatives Reports

Dorset Coastal Forum meeting - 26th September 2022 Report by Cllr P Bower

Association of Dorset Watches (ADW) - 27th September 2022 Report by Cllr KD Johnson

Rural Crime Reduction Board (RCRB) - Meeting notes 18th October 2022

Rural Crime Reduction Board (RCRB) - Action Plan November 2022




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