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Below are a series of webinars hosted by DAPTC to ensure the working relationship between parish, town and unitary authority are productive and informative. The sessions run monthly and will be for about 1 hour. The timings are geared to appeal to either officers or councillors attending, so invariably 4:00pm to 5:30pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays. A schedule of the forthcoming events will be listed and if you feel this is relevant to your council send someone along to report back at your next meeting.

There will always be an opportunity to pre-submit questions or ask them during the session and resources will be provided afterwards. For some of the webinars there may be a defined audience and invites will be directed to those groups, this could be geographic or specifically rural parishes or towns. We'll make this clear ahead of the webinar.

We ask that delegates are respectful of the presenters and hosts. 

Forthcoming Working Together Webinars

Low Carbon Dorset

28 March 2023 | 4:00pm to 5:00pm via Zoom

Many Parish and Town Councils are looking to decarbonise their energy to tackle climate change, as well as address soaring energy bills, by being more energy efficient and generating their own heat and power. 

  • Hear from councils that have already worked with Low Carbon Dorset to reduce bills and emissions, showing you what they did and how they did it.
  • Get expert insights from Low Carbon Dorset’s technical officer Matt Peukert on how to get your own energy decarbonisation project off the ground.

Session objectives to updated in early March. 


Working Together Webinar Resources

A webinar recording and slides will be made available the day after. 

Natural Environment, Climate & Ecology

27 April 2023 | 4:00pm to 6:00pm via Zoom 

Dorset Council would like to meet with town and parish councils that have declared climate and/or ecological emergencies to better understand what actions and activities are being undertaken, to share best practice and information and also to highlight synergies where joint working could help us to collectively accelerate our common goals.

Depending on appetite, this could be a recurring meeting with different councils developing the agenda and providing updates on actions that have been undertaken to date.


Working Together Webinar Resources 

Post webinar resources and recording will be posted here.


30 May 2023 | 4:00pm to 5:00pm via Zoom

Details to be confirmed and published soon.

Registration Not Yet Open 

Working Together Webinar Resources

Slides and a recording will be posted here after the session has concluded. 

Previous Working Together Webinars

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

21 March 2023 4pm | Charging Ahead! | Online via Zoom

Charging Ahead – Dorset Council’s Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Programme

Public electric vehicle charging for all

Did you know that by 2030 when the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars kicks in, at least a third of cars on the road will probably be electric. To meet the growing need for public charging, especially from the estimated one third of households with no access to off-street parking, Dorset Council has an ambitious electric vehicle charging infrastructure programme planned. We need the help and support of town and parish councils to deliver this.

Dorset Council’s Transport Planning Team would like to invite you to an online webinar to tell you about the programme.

The webinar will explain:

  • Why it’s important for every town and village in the county to host an electric vehicle chargepoint
  • How town and parish councils can access Dorset Council funding to get public chargepoints installed in their community at no cost
  • The project support Dorset Council is offering to make installing a chargepoint as simple as possible
  • The benefit to communities of hosting an electric vehicle chargepoint
  • How hosting a chargepoint can generate income
  • How to identify the best place to install a chargepoint

Can’t make the webinar? Contact Christopher Whitehouse via to find out how to get an electric vehicle charging point for your community

Electric Vehicle Charging Points Presentation Slides  
Working Together Webinar Resources


Digital Inclusion | Digital Dorset

Thursday 23 February 2023 | 4:00pm via Zoom

Helping Dorset’s residents get online

With more and more essential services moving online, never has been being able to access digital been so important.

But here in Dorset nearly a third of our residents are still digitally excluded in some way due to a lack of skill and confidence, affordability or poor connectivity.

The most recent national survey on digital usage also revealed that 8 million people are considering giving up their broadband or mobile data because of the cost-of-living crisis.

But help is available in Dorset; and parish and town councils can help spread the word.

Come to a special presentation on February 23rd to hear from Dorset Council’s digital skills team who will outline the local initiatives available to help people get, and stay, online.



Digital Inclusion Presentation Slides | Digital Dorset
Working Together Webinar Resources

Lloyds Banking Group UK Consumer Digital Index

Volunteer Digital Champions 

Referrals for devices by Parish and Town Councils

Embedded Digital Champion Training Booking Form 


Dorset Council 20 MPH Policy

Tuesday 7 February 2023 | 4:00pm via Zoom 

In early November 2022, Dorset Council adopted a new policy to help parish and town councils look at potential traffic calming measures for their communities.

Read about the 20 MPH Policy 

In our continuing programme of 'Working Together Webinars', DAPTC will host an online briefing with Q&As - this session will be presented by Tony Burden, Road Safety Manager for Dorset Council.

Email the Road Safety Team here:

To report a near miss or non-injury collision do this via the 'Road Safety' webpage: Road Safety

Presentation Slides: Road Safety 20mph Policy

Working Together Webinar Resources

#Let'sTalkLibraries Update Phase 2

Thu 29 September 2022 at 4:30pm / 5.30pm via Zoom

As you may be aware Dorset Council are developing a new library strategy which will inform how we develop and deliver our library services over the next 10 years. The strategy is being developed across two phases of public consultation; phase one “Let’s Talk Libraries” consultation ran October 2021- January 2022. We received over 7,500 survey responses and carried out a range of engagement workshops. Phase one Let’s Talk Libraries was designed to be an open conversation with our communities, employees and partners to understand what they value about our service, how we could develop our services and how we can become relevant to those who do not currently use our services.

By listening to all our communities’ views, we have developed a draft library strategy, with mission to: “To Inspire, Connect and Enable our communities through our services”. We are preparing to launch our second phase of public consultation on the draft library strategy; where we will be asking our communities to prioritise the strategy outcomes that are most important to them and help shape what delivery could look like in their communities.

We look forward to updating the next Working Together Webinar on how we want to hear from you and your communities during this important second phase of consultation, to help refine the draft library strategy and shape the future of Dorset Council’s library service.


Dorset Council Libraries Consultation Update - 1st August 2022 4:30pm

Following a successful and engaging phase one Let’s Talk Libraries consultation, the library service are pleased to return to DATPC to offer an update on progress.

Dorset Council’s new library strategy is being developed across two phases of public consultation: phase one Let’s Talk Libraries consultation took place in October 2021 to January 2022 and we heard from over 7,500 Dorset residents, partners, employees, Councillors and businesses. The draft library strategy, reflects the wealth of feedback received during phase one consultation and evidence around local need.

During the webinar we will discuss our strategy development process and introduce the draft strategy, including our vision, our mission, strategic aims and desired outcomes.

As well as introducing the draft strategy, we will walk through the work we will be completing over the summer in preparation for phase two Let’s Talk Libraries consultation. Phase two consultation will launch in the autumn; during phase two consultation we will ask our communities and partners to help refine the draft strategy, we will explore what the most important strategy outcomes are to them and what delivery could look like in their communities. This will allow us to prioritise resources and develop delivery action plans by spring 2023.

1: Session Slides

2: Briefing Note 

Presented by Liz Crocker and Lisa Cotton 

Developer Contributions - East Dorset & Purbeck

26th April 2022 at 4pm - Developer Contributions Briefing for East Dorset and Purbeck

Andrew Galpin from Dorset Council presented an update and background to the Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106 obligations for the geographic locations of East Dorset and Purbeck.

Session Slides 

Community Resilience Planning & Severe Weather Events

Resilience Planning for local communities is increasingly important and was highlighted especially between Spring 2020 and late 2021 with the COVID pandemic.

Marc Eyre and Nigel Osbourne from Dorset Council's Assurance Team provided an update and insights from recent severe weather events and how communities can start a Community Resilience Plan'

Resources from the presentation and important links to further supporting information will be posted here soon. The video from the webinar can be seen to the right.


Developer Contributions - North Dorset

The session was held on 21st April 2022 at 4pm and unfortunately we were unable to record the briefing. Slides have been made available and distributed to all attendees and are also available below.


Developer Contributions - West Dorset, Weymouth & Portland

Developer Contributions Briefing - West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland

Andrew Galpin from Dorset Council gave an overview of Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106 with regard to planning.

The slide in this section specifically relate to the geographic location for this session.

Session Slides 


22nd March 2022 - Working Together Webinars - Defibrillators 

Cllr. Andrew Huggins the Vice Chair at Lytchett Matravers Parish Council shares his thoughts on what to consider when installing defibrillators into your community.

This hour long video covers a variety of topics from the types of machines available, installation costs and ongoing checks and costs. Andrew is happy to answer any queries from other member councils if you are thinking of installing a defibrillator for the first time or adding more. Contact details are on the final page of the information pack below:

Considerations of Community Defibrillator Provision 


Integrated Care System and Family Hubs

 22nd March 2022 - Working Together Webinar - Heatlthcare and Family Hubs

The latest in our series of Working Together Webinars featured two updates from Dorset CCG as they transition into the new Integrated Care structure and Dorset Council on their Family Hubs initiative.

Presenting for Dorset CCG were Frances Aviss and Ben Norman

Presenting for Dorset Council were Claire Shiels and Thomas Fowler

If you want to get further information you can request the contact details for the presenters via . More detailed background on the ICS can be read here: ICS in detail

Content coming soon

Content coming soon


9th November 2021 - Working Together Webinar - Libraries

Delegates were updated on the recently launched 'Libraries Consultation' by Liz Crocker from Dorset Council. The consultation runs to 7th January 2022 and parish and town councils are requested to provide feedback to the consultation. The survey link for parish and town councils is here: Parish & Town Council Survey

For more information on the consultation click here: Let's Talk Libraries Consultation 

Slides Presented by Liz Crocker 

Community Asset Transfers

16th December 2021 - Working Together Webinars - Asset Transfers

Cllr. Laura Miller and Paul Scothern presented information on the process by which parish and town councils can apply to transfer land and buildings owned by Dorset Council.

Community Asset Transfers - Slides  | presented by Paul Scothern

For more information or specific queries contact:  Email Community Asset Transfers

To read more about the team and process: Community Asset Transfers Webpage 

Learn how to access Dorset Explorer where you can see assets and property owned by Dorset Council.