New Councillor Induction

Published: 08 February 2021

DAPTC are now offering a monthly new councillor training. This is made up of 4 components:

  1. Attending a council or committee meeting where you have been elected or co-opted
  2. Attending one of our monthly drop in sessions called 'What We Do' that gives an overview of how DAPTC support you (75 mins)
  3. The new e-learning module - Introduction to Local Councils (45 mins)
  4. Webinar - New Councillor Induction (90 mins)
All your Clerk has to do is book a New Councillor Induction (4) course for a date that suits and we will automatically enrol you on the e-learning Introduction to Local Councils (3) module. You are then left to pick a convenient date for 'What We Do' (2) when we write to confirm 3 & 4. Depending on when you join council 1-4 components may not run in that order. It is more beneficial if you have attended a council meeting as the first step.

The total cost per new councillor is £35.00