Allotments are growing a community

Published: 11 August 2021

New allotments have been created in Shaftesbury. 

After several years managing land transfer and planning permission, Covid-19 did its best to scupper the creation of allotments adjacent to the A30. The Town Council is delighted to have formally opened the site and already the plots are allocated and digging and planting have commenced.

The site was opened by the Mayor, Cllr Andy Hollingshead, at 2pm on Monday 2nd August. Within hours of the first tenancy agreements being issued, they had been returned signed and people were at their plots preparing the ground for planting. As more people arrived, they started talking to each other about their plans for the plots and a sense of community took root.

32 plots were created as well as a further six raised beds suitable for wheelchair access which could be used by people with additional needs. The site boasts its own carpark for allotment holders only and footpath to lead to the site is nestled alongside the A30. There are water troughs with fresh water supply dotted throughout the site to ensure that all plot holders have access to water for their produce. Providing troughs instead of taps and hoses significantly reduces the amount of wasted water and risk of water leaks which will help the town play its part in reducing water consumption.

The A30 allotments are the latest addition to the Town Council’s allotment sites, the others sites can be found at Mampitts Road, St James Street, Bray (Ivy Cross) and Enmore Green (this last site being run by an allotment association on behalf of the Council). The Town also boasts a fifth allotment garden at the top of St Johns Hill and Shaftesbury Homegrown Community Farm.