Dorset's Integrated Care System

Published: 30 September 2021

Dorset’s Integrated Care System

Everyone in Dorset deserves to live well. That’s why our NHS organisations, councils, public services and voluntary and community partners are working together as an Integrated Care System (ICS). Working in partnership means we can join up all the things that affect our health and wellbeing to make a real change and improve things for communities.

In February the Government published a White Paper for Health and Social Care reform with some ambitious proposals for all areas to becomes an integrated care system.

Dorset became one of England’s first pilot ICSs in 2018, now this way of working is being replicated across the rest of the country.

The presentation ‘Our Dorset - building a strong and effective Integrated Care System’ gives an overview of where we are at the moment and what the government ask is for future collaborative working between NHS services, public sector partners and the voluntary and community sector